THE CAPE LEGACY EDITION hits shelves on June 15th, and to celebrate the release, Larry’s Wonderful World of Comics in Lowell, MA,  is hosting me for the evening. This isn’t going to be a regular, boring old signing with some jerk sitting behind a table while you wait in line. No. Screw that. We’ve got plans, and they’re fucking huge.

Larry’s hosts a local Drink & Draw on Wednesday nights with a different theme each week. The theme for June 15th is going to be THE CAPE, and I’m going to write an original, one-page CAPE script that will be kept secret until the event. Everyone in attendance will have the opportunity to draw my script, and here’s where it gets awesome:


That’s right. A chance to see your work published in a real-life comic book for people all over the world to see. Not too shabby, eh? You wont get that kind of love from Marvel or DC, I can assure you of that.

Also, for the writers in the group, I’ll be giving a little script writing seminar while the artists are doing their thing. It’s an open forum where I talk about some of the lesser known aspects of script writing, and then take questions. I like it to be more of a discussion, where everyone contributes and offers advice. I know nobody wants to sit and listen to me talk about panel counts for a half-hour, myself included.

I’ll post addition information on the event when we get a little closer, but for now, just plan on being there.

Jason Ciaramella - Joe Hill - Zach Howard

Before I begin I want to apologize to everyone for my poor choice in hats. I received enough shit, stretching from San Diego all the way to my own household, to realize that I had made a bad choice when I decided to wear it to Granite Con. Still, look at that awesome shadow it casts across my face. Nice, huh? Makes me look all mysterious, right? No? Sigh.

Granite State Comic Con was great on so many levels. The show was well attended, and fans of THE CAPE were out in full force. Plus, I got to finally meet the guy who makes me look a lot more talented than I really am, the amazing Zach Howard, who was kind enough to fly out from his home in the mountains of far away land to complete our trio. Zach is an amazing talent, and one of the most professional pros I’ve ever met. The guy puts everything he’s got into even the most mundane panels, and never takes the easy way around things. A day doesn’t go by where I don’t think about how lucky I am to have him bringing my scripts to life.

Big thanks to Double Midnight Comics for putting together a solid show, and for supplying attendees with the beautiful, limited edition CAPE print for the three of us to sign. People loved them, we loved them, and they looked amazing signed. Very well done, guys.

Jason Ciaramella, Joe Hill, Zach Howard, and the guys from Double Midnight

I’m looking forward to a few weekends off before THE CAPE: LEGACY EDITION hits in June. I’ll be signing at a few local stores the week it comes out, and will be doing a special event at Larry’s Wonderful World of Comics in Lowell, MA, on the day it’s released.

Lastly, a VERY big thank you to everyone who came out to see us at Granite State Comic Con. It’s always a pleasure to meet you, and we sure do appreciate the support.

Before I begin, I want to thank Ralph and the guys from Jetpack Comics for being such amazing hosts on Free Comic Book Day. The event was a huge success and it was an honor to meet so many fans of THE CAPE. Heck, one guy even told me he loved KODIAK! Come to think of it, I probably should have given that guy a hug. If you’re reading this, nice man, here’s a big squeeze from me to you.

Wonder Twin powers activate!

This Sunday I’ll be appearing at Granite State Comic Con (alongside Zach Howard and Joe Hill) from noon til four. Double Midnight has produced a FREE, 11×17, limited edition print for the event that is just stunning. Granite State Comic Con is the only east coast event where THE CAPE creative team will be together, so come on out and say hello.

Information on the event can be found here:

Limited Edition Granite Con Print

I’ll be at Jetpack Comics in Rochester, NH, tomorrow afternoon to celebrate Free Comic Book Day with the other handsome fellas you see in the picture above. In case you didn’t already know, they are, from left to right:

Christopher Golden: Eisner Nominated Writer of BALTIMORE: THE PLAGUE SHIP, and author of many novels, short stories, and collections.

Joe Hill: Eisner Nominated Writer of LOCKE & KEY, author of HORNS, HEART-SHAPED BOX, and 20th CENTURY GHOSTS.

Jason Ciaramella: That’s me. I managed to snag an Eisner Nomination for my work on THE CAPE one-shot, but mostly I’m just a guy from Brockton.

Christos Gage: Writer of AVENGERS ACADEMY, WORLD WAR HULK: X-MEN, and many other Marvel and Wildstorm titles. Also has written episodes of LAW AND ORDER SVU and NUMB3RS.

Ed McGuinness: Fan favorite artist of SUPERMAN, THE HULK, DEADPOOL, and SUPERMAN/BATMAN.

Tom Sniegoski: Long-time comic book writer and novelist. Tom has worked on VAMPIRELLA, PUNISHER, BATMAN, and many novels set in the BUFFYVERSE.

There will be free limited edition prints of THE CAPE, as well as copies of the sold out THE CAPE one-shot, and KODIAK one-shot available for sale.

So, stop in, say hello, and get free stuff.

More information on the event can be found at Jetpack Comics official site

Hope to see you there.

“You want me to sign that for you?”


“Do you want me to sign that?”

“Sign what?”

“The book you’re holding.”

“Oh. Yeah.”

That was my conversation with one of my idols in the comic book industry, the great Tim Sale. I was so mesmerized watching him do ink wash sketches with his brush, that I totally forgot I was standing there to get my book signed. Tim was nice enough to doodle a little Batman sketch for me on the inside cover, completely making my day and causing me to shake his hand for what was definitely too long, which led to an awkward man-moment. Whatever. TIM FUCKING SALE, people! You know?

The rest of the con was great. Got to meet up with some friends, fellow creators, and visit the local shops that are all so supportive of my work. It was refreshing to see how big this con has gotten over the past year. Boston is a great city, and there are a ton of nerds in and around it –no reason we shouldn’t have a major con to look forward to every year. Also, hats off to the guys who put this show together. The creator lineup (TIM FUCKING SALE) and the dealers were incredible.

One thing I did notice was the amount of cosplayers walking around empty handed. I get that it’s fun to dress up and go out and be weird for the day. Really, I do. But try to remember that everyone there selling their goods had to pay for that space, and every little bit helps. The dealers at cons don’t see a dime of the money you spent to walk through the door, so don’t be afraid to stop by a table and fish your wallet out of your spandex suit, or whatever clever spot you’ve hid that fucker for the day.