Boston Comic Con or The Tim Sale Moment

May 5, 2011

“You want me to sign that for you?”


“Do you want me to sign that?”

“Sign what?”

“The book you’re holding.”

“Oh. Yeah.”

That was my conversation with one of my idols in the comic book industry, the great Tim Sale. I was so mesmerized watching him do ink wash sketches with his brush, that I totally forgot I was standing there to get my book signed. Tim was nice enough to doodle a little Batman sketch for me on the inside cover, completely making my day and causing me to shake his hand for what was definitely too long, which led to an awkward man-moment. Whatever. TIM FUCKING SALE, people! You know?

The rest of the con was great. Got to meet up with some friends, fellow creators, and visit the local shops that are all so supportive of my work. It was refreshing to see how big this con has gotten over the past year. Boston is a great city, and there are a ton of nerds in and around it –no reason we shouldn’t have a major con to look forward to every year. Also, hats off to the guys who put this show together. The creator lineup (TIM FUCKING SALE) and the dealers were incredible.

One thing I did notice was the amount of cosplayers walking around empty handed. I get that it’s fun to dress up and go out and be weird for the day. Really, I do. But try to remember that everyone there selling their goods had to pay for that space, and every little bit helps. The dealers at cons don’t see a dime of the money you spent to walk through the door, so don’t be afraid to stop by a table and fish your wallet out of your spandex suit, or whatever clever spot you’ve hid that fucker for the day.

One Response to “Boston Comic Con or The Tim Sale Moment”

  1. Rob said

    My conversation with Tim Sale was having him sign a Heroes book for my Dad.

    Me : My Dad and I watched this every week, it was sort of our hang out thing onceI got married.

    Tim: You make it all the way through to the end?

    Me: Yeah, it was our time to hang out and just the thing we did together.

    Tim: You did better than I did then.

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