Free Comic Book Day 2011

May 6, 2011

I’ll be at Jetpack Comics in Rochester, NH, tomorrow afternoon to celebrate Free Comic Book Day with the other handsome fellas you see in the picture above. In case you didn’t already know, they are, from left to right:

Christopher Golden: Eisner Nominated Writer of BALTIMORE: THE PLAGUE SHIP, and author of many novels, short stories, and collections.

Joe Hill: Eisner Nominated Writer of LOCKE & KEY, author of HORNS, HEART-SHAPED BOX, and 20th CENTURY GHOSTS.

Jason Ciaramella: That’s me. I managed to snag an Eisner Nomination for my work on THE CAPE one-shot, but mostly I’m just a guy from Brockton.

Christos Gage: Writer of AVENGERS ACADEMY, WORLD WAR HULK: X-MEN, and many other Marvel and Wildstorm titles. Also has written episodes of LAW AND ORDER SVU and NUMB3RS.

Ed McGuinness: Fan favorite artist of SUPERMAN, THE HULK, DEADPOOL, and SUPERMAN/BATMAN.

Tom Sniegoski: Long-time comic book writer and novelist. Tom has worked on VAMPIRELLA, PUNISHER, BATMAN, and many novels set in the BUFFYVERSE.

There will be free limited edition prints of THE CAPE, as well as copies of the sold out THE CAPE one-shot, and KODIAK one-shot available for sale.

So, stop in, say hello, and get free stuff.

More information on the event can be found at Jetpack Comics official site

Hope to see you there.

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