July 28, 2011

Here’s a quick look at all 5 covers available for THE CAPE MINISERIES #1. Art by Nelson Daniel, Zach Howard, and Gabriel Rodriguez.

I swear to god. Says it right there, doesn’t it? (sorry about the crap picture, I took it with my phone in a dimly lit comic book shop)

The first issue of THE CAPE miniseries hits shelves tomorrow. I know a lot of people have been waiting for this (myself included) for a long time. I appreciate you giving it a try, and I’d love to hear what you think about it.

I’d like to congratulate IDW Publishing for being the big winner at the Eisner Awards last Friday night. These guys care a ton about comics and are always looking for ways to forward the medium. While I didn’t end up winning for best single issue, there’s a certain satisfaction in being able to tell my peers that I lost to Mike Mignola and Richard Corben…and to people I know who don’t read comics, I can always just say “The guy who created Hellboy, and the guy who drew the cover for Meatloaf’s BAT OUT OF HELL.”

Also, I’m sure if you’re reading THE CAPE you’re probably also reading LOCKE & KEY, so I don’t need to tell you how deserving Joe Hill is of his Best Writer Eisner. I can count on one hand the guys in comics who I consider to be master storytellers, and Joe would come in somewhere between my thumb and middle finger.

As I write this, there’s a lot of work being done on the next 3 issues of THE CAPE. Every day I’m seeing new pages from Zach and Nelson that are just stunning, and I’m busy tying up the final issue of the series. It feels great to be part of a team that you know has your back, and is giving this project everything they have. I think that passion shows in every panel. I think you will, too.


Holiday Road

July 5, 2011

My holiday weekend ended today 4:45 AM when I reluctantly dragged myself out of bed in Newport and started my long and arduous journey back to Brockton.  I hope none of you lost fingers in alcohol/fireworks related accidents yesterday. If you did, well, I hope it wasn’t on your “special” hand…I hear that kind of adjustment can be difficult. (Not to mention turning the pages of a comic with your feet or nose would probably suck.)

Speaking of comic books: The first issue of THE CAPE miniseries is just a few weeks away. I can’t wait for everyone to get their hopefully-five-fingered hands on this, and to read reactions to Eric’s continuing naughtiness. If you haven’t seen it, here’s the cover for issue 1:


And here’s a picture I took of a seagull corpse baking in the sun on a beach in southern Rhode Island. You’re welcome.


Happy 4th of July.