Burn Baby Burn – Out Today

October 17, 2012

Did I use “Burn Baby Burn” when issue 3 came out? I might have. There’s a lot of shit on fire in the last two issues.

THE CAPE 1969 #4 hits shelves today. Nelson Daniel has crafted a red-hot, bloody finale for this miniseries, and I couldn’t be happier with it. There are a few pages in this book that fans of the original CAPE miniseries will instantly recognize.


Don’t forget, you can get only get the Jetpack Comics exclusives of all 4 issues of THE CAPE 1969 here: http://www.jetpackcomics.com/jetpackvariants.html

They all look amazing, and the quality is superb.

I’ve got great news about 3 new projects I’ll be working on in 2013, and as soon as I get the green light from my editors I’ll be sure to detail them here. I can say that one is an ongoing series, one is a one-shot, and one is a miniseries. All fun stuff, in three completely separate genres to keep me on my toes.

That’s all for now. I hope everyone is enjoying the new season, reading plenty of comics, and watching as many horror movies as you can.

Thanks for reading!

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