I’m sorry, okay?

March 23, 2013

When you’re best bud and your girlfriend have to remind you that your blog is getting old and stale, well… it’s time to freshen things up. Happy spring, by the way. Since my last post the hardcover collection of THE CAPE 1969 came out, and I got green lit on three new projects. Damn proud of that hardcover, and psyched as all hell about 2013. Here’s the first two projects:

THUMBPRINT 3-issue miniseries with Joe Hill and Vic Malhotra

thumbprintTMNT MICROSERIES: OLD HOB with Dave Watcher


Both are out in June. Got an ongoing gig that launches in September that I should be able to talk about soon. Imagine if you played a shit-ton of Monopoly and loved it so much you could cry and then the folks at Hasbro were like, “Hey, you wanna write some Monopoly stories?” It’s kind of like that but actually cool and when I heard the news I ran to the bathroom and kissed my reflection in the mirror. No, I didn’t use my tongue. Jeeze, people. Also, a few surprise releases mid to late summer that should make for some swell beach reading if you’re a sicko.

Till next time. (Hopefully not 5 months from now.)