Dreaming in the Atmosphere of my Childhood

January 23, 2015

I finally finished editing the Lovecraft letters chapbook for the Kickstarter campaign. Here’s a clip from the letter that inspired me to work on this collection; written to his aunt, on my birthday, 1926.

To Mrs. F.C. Clark – April 8th, 1926
“I really won’t need to bother about the mattress, for I’m not at all particular about sleeping arrangements at all. Half the time I don’t go to bed at all but sleep in my clothes on top of the couch…
No I don’t think I shall miss such social activities as I have had here–the Longs excepted. And I can discuss things as well by post as by word of mouth with Sonny. What I want are rest & oblivion–or at least, a seclusion amidst ancient scenes wherein I may cast off the actual modern world in a quiet round of reading, writing, & pilgrimages to quaint & historick places. I want to dream in an atmosphere of my childhood–to sit on Prospect Terrace with an old book or a pad & pencil in my hands…”

Here’s a picture of Prospect Terrace during Lovecraft’s time.

View from Prospect Terrace Providence, RI

And here’s how it looks today, from almost the same angle.


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