We Made It

April 22, 2015

That was a tough one, huh? Crazy to think that just a month ago everything here on the south coast of MA was buried under 5 feet of frozen brown snow, and people were terrorizing each other over parking spaces. But we made it, like we always do. The Sox are on, the grass is green, and the days are longer. Fishing season is open. In another month the water will be warm enough at Fogland Beach to go clamming.

Heck, it’s almost like the winter of ’14-’15 never happened. Almost.

Most of my time this winter was spent working on a secret project that I started about sixteen months ago. Happy to say that the bulk of the work is finally complete, and hopefully there will be an exciting announcement this summer. I also finished editing a small collection of H.P. Lovecraft’s letters that I’m pretty damn pleased with and hope to see available as a Kindle Single sometime in the near future.

And, of course, C is for Cthulhu, my Lovecraftian alphabet book illustrated by fellow Bay Stater Greg Murphy. The success of this book has welled up the ol’ eyes with tears on more than a few occasions.  Seeing all the photos of kids and parents across the world reading it — well, for me, that’s why I wanted to be a writer. Thank you, all, for sharing them with us and for helping make my dreams come true.

As of this morning, the book is sold out at Amazon. But fear not! We’ve reinvested funds from the Kickstarter campaign and ordered another printing which should be available early summer. We also have some super cuddly C is for Cthulhu news to announce over the next few months, as well as info on our follow up book, so stay tuned.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be outside.


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