Summer Reading List – 2015

June 26, 2015

Summer’s finally got her back off the wall and has joined the party down on the South Coast. She’s out on the dance floor, shaking her groove thang, and that’s got me thinking about a summer reading list. There’s something about reading when the weather is great, and you know you have absolutely nowhere else to be. It’s my favorite time to get lost in a story. When I was a kid it was comic books on my grandmother’s porch, or Judy Bloom under a tree, or history books with lots of pictures in the library when it was too hot out and I needed a little air conditioning. The last few years it’s been on a kindle, at the beach.

So here’s my list of summer hopefuls. A few are re-reads, and a few have been on my summer list for years. Ideally I’d get through all of them, but even just a few would make for some damn good time spent.

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